About us

About us

We are a specialty butcher shop dedicated to preserving the craft of whole animal butchery and narrowing the gap between the consumer and their food source. Located on 4801 Folsom Blvd Suite 2, in East Sacramento.
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Owner and Butcher – Eric Veldman Miller

Since graduating from the Napa Valley Cooking School in St. Helena, Eric has been privileged to train with talented chefs including Jan Birnbaum (Catahoula, Epic Roasthouse), Joshua Schwartz (Catahoula, Del Dotto Vineyards), Gary Danko (Restaurant Gary Danko) and Patrick Mulvaney (Mulvaneys B&L). Under their tutelage Eric became enamored with using quality, local ingredients. After becoming Lead Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, Eric’s focus changed from creating a fine dining experience to the craft of whole animal butchery. Completing an intensive apprenticeship under Master Butcher Terry Regassa of Sutter Meats in Northampton, MA, Eric continued to learn the traditional methods of breaking down whole animals using seam butchery to isolate the best cuts from an animal. During his time at Sutter Meats Eric also learned how to develop invaluable relationships with local farmers that raise their animals on natural pastures with a high regard to animal welfare. Eric is a Member of the Butcher’s Guild and continues to hone his skills with Dave, “The Butcher” Budworth of Marina Meats in San Francisco. Eric is excited to be able to offer quality, pasture raised and grass fed meat at his own shop, V. Miller Meats in East Sacramento.


Head Butcher – Cindy Garcia

Cindy Garcia is our Head Butcher and has been part of our industry since 2009. Cindy earned a degree in Animal Science from UC Davis. Prior to working in the industry, she worked as a veterinary tech. Cindy’s favorite item at V. Miller Meats is the flat iron steaks because she enjoys the cutting process. A unique cut of meat that she recommends is the shoulder- it takes some work to get through the toughness but then the meat is very tender and flavorful. When Cindy is not at the butcher shop, she enjoys drawing, spending time with her boyfriend and dog, and visiting Lake Tahoe.